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Our Story


We first met 21 years ago while attending middle school at MICDS. While friendly, we regrettably never became close during those years. Anna's passion and talent in the equestrian world had already developed, and Nick was still focused on becoming an Abercrombie and Fitch model. Following eighth grade, Nick chose to attend St. Louis University High School, while Anna remained at MICDS.

15 years later, we both moved back to Saint Louis after working in other cities, and recognized each other. Nick knew after only a couple of dates he had found his match. A girl that challenged him intellectually, far surpassed him athletically and in appearance, and put up with his sense of humor. He knew he just had to play it cool for a bit, and she would see how perfect they worked together. After those few dates, Anna, too, realized Nick was meant to be her person. When Nick began to show interest and enjoyment in her equine passion, she knew she better hang on to him tight...enter: Yogi. 

Currently, Anna and Nick are building a life and home together at their farm in Wildwood, Missouri. We love hanging out with our three dogs, watching Cardinals games, enjoying many of Saint Louis' Italian restaurants, and putting in sweat equity on our farm.

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november 13, 2021    grant's farm      saint louis, missouri

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